“A stunningly powerful piece of writing, a modern classic.” –The Sunday Times on Burying the Typewriter
In the minutiae of her study she has provided Heaney students with a valuable resource that will be challenging to surpass.”–Gerard Smyth on Seamus Heaney and East European Poetry in Translation: Poetics of Exile
“‘No patriotism but in things’—things turned into images cut on a printer’s block.”–The Manhattan Review on Lilies from America
“An incorruptible woman of letters.”–Sir Christopher Ricks on Carmen Bugan’s work
“Bugan, a published poet, can with a single sentence paint a portrait of almost visceral immediacy.[…] If Bugan’s memoir is transformative, her poetry is downright alchemical, transmuting the deprivations of her family’s life experiences into dreamy gold.” —The Irish Times
“Carmen Bugan’s poems prove a worthwhile witness… Despite the gentleness of the language, they explore the sinister nature of humanity…” –The Blue Nib